Costume Ideas: Last Minute Yoda

Whether you realize it or not, some of our favorite characters are perfect inspiration for those last minute costume ideas. Even better? These costumes can be super budget friendly because they can take a lot of items found in our closets.

So everybody let's take a deep breath & relax when we get that last minute invitation to a costume party. Or your kiddo comes to you days before Halloween saying they don't want to be that anymore, now they want an entirely new costume.

Last Minute Yoda, Jedi Master

It should be no surprise that we love Star Wars. The handsome Hans Solo. The fussy Wookie. And who doesn't love the adorable little Yoda?!

And with the newest episode coming out in just a few months, we're pretty sure that it will be a popular choice of costume this year. So how about we start our last minute costume ideas off with our favorite little Jedi Master, Yoda:

Last Minute Yoda Costume

Grab a tan hooded robe, add a brown t-shirt & brown pants. Voila! Instant Yoda...well, almost. Just a few other accessories and then we are set.

Jedi Master Beanie - Now available as a made-to-order item in our shop!

The adorable ears? We've got you covered (literally) with our Jedi Master beanie, which is currently available as a made-to-order baby item in our shop (if you would like another size, please fill out a custom order request). And as for the light saber? We'll help you out with a super simple DIY that even the craft-challenged can do with just a few household items. Seems pretty easy, right?!

Looking for something a little different? Worry not, young padawan! We have got quite a few other last minute costume ideas in the works.

Want to see one of a favorite character? Let us know who you would like to see as a last minute costume idea in the future by either commenting below or shooting us an email.

Do you feel that? Fall is in the air...

...or at least we've been getting a pretty little sneak peek at what's in store for the next few months. And boy are we excited for some of our favorite things: warm apple cider, craft shows, fall festivals and Halloween.

Halloween. That word instantly brings a rush of memories, especially the costumes. 

I can't remember every costume I ever wore for Trick-or-Treating, but I have a handful I do remember. A clown. A witch. Pammy Panda from Shirt Tales. Snow White. Catwoman. All of them made by my momma (the creative genius behind DeBoop Shop). Any guesses on which one was my favorite?

My absolute favorite costume...just wish I could still fit in it.

Well if you guessed Pammy Panda, you were right! That was the night I met my childhood hero, E.T., and I got a glimpse of what it would feel like to be a celebrity because all the kids my age were squealing with excitement to see Pammy Panda. 

Anyone started planning their (or their kiddo's) costumes for Halloween already? 

I've been brainstorming what I would dress up as should a party come up. And, of course, my mind instantly goes to my 3 favorites: Vanellope VonSchweetz , Toothless, and Honey Lemon.

Black Dragon Mask made by DeBoop Shop
If I'm still anything like the kiddo I once was, I'll probably pick one and then change my mind the last minute. Every parents freak out moment, right? Funny thing is that favorite costume of my childhood was just that, a last minute change...but not everyone has a momma that can whip together a costume at a moment's notice.

But don't worry, DeBoopers! We've decided to help keep you calm over the next several weeks by sharing some great last minute costume ideas that you can toss together in a pinch, with or without a crafty bone in your body. The best part? These ideas won't break the bank either!

And don't worry crafty friends, because we have you covered too. We're working on some fun DIYs that will add a special touch to some of the last minute costume ideas too.

Also, we have a little surprise for all our newsletter subscribers this month. The newsletter is going out in a week, so if you haven't signed up yet just fill out the form below. Trust don't want to miss out!

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365 Days?! My How Time Flies!

Can you really believe it, DeBoopers?!

As hard as it is to believe, our little Etsy shop is turning 1 today! I think that's cause for a celebration, don't you? So let's get out the virtual birthday cake. Queue the party music.

...and give out the party favors!

Let's celebrate our first year together with a little flash sale! So until Midnight EST tonight, we are offering all of you a special party favor of 15% off everything in our shop.

Honestly, we couldn't say thank you enough to all of our awesome friends who have helped support our shop. Every share. Every mention. Every picture. Every cha-ching. It means the world to us! It's because of you that we are able to live our dreams and inspire others to do the same.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, DeBoopers! ♥

A Special Something for the Little Boopers

If you were a superhero, what would your mask look like?

We are pretty super at making craft supplies disappear quickly, so chances are that ours would be covered in thread or yarn. And probably purple, because we love purple (in case you couldn't already tell).

What if you were given the chance to design your own mask?

Well, if you are a Little Booper or have one, 13 & under, you could very well have the chance to win a mask designed by YOU! Does that sound like something you would love? You can head over to our Facebook page with the rules & learn how to enter.

We can't wait to see where those wild imaginations take us!

Good luck, Little Boopers!

Things We ♥ // Happy 100th #HappyHandmade

We are super excited for this week's #happyhandmade on Daft Crafts. Why?
  • There are some really amazing goodies from some of our favorite shops already linked up.
  • We've shared a few of our goodies from our favorite stocking of the shop.
  • And it's the 100th #happyhandmade!
I don't know about you, but the 100th occurrence of something great like #happyhandmade is something to be excited about. A cause for celebration. So join us in a little happy dance party!

And while we're all boppin' around in our chairs to the celebration music in our heads, take a look at some of the goodies we ♥ from this week:

Surprise Mini Stuffed Monster from Lu & Ed
Snow White Peg Doll from Landon's Toy Box
Unicorn Pillow from telahmarie
Be sure to head to Daft Crafts and wish them a happy 100th #happyhandmade! And while you're over there, take a look at the goodies and let us know what some of your favorites are this week.

New goodies are in the shop!

A few months ago we asked some of our Facebook friends (are you one?) what kind of character beanies they want to see added to the shop. The most popular? It was hands-down monster beanies, with a not-so-close second being animal beanies.

So after a month of dreaming about monsters & trying to design one of our own, we are so excited to introduce you to our dear friend Murray.

He's a cute little monster who just wants to be your friend & keep you warm these next few weeks of winter. And you can have a family full of monsters from our Storenvy shop because he's available in 4 sizes: baby, toddler, child & teen/adult.

And we're very excited about one of our favorite new goodies that is available in both our Etsy & Storenvy shops, felt "paper" dolls.

Over the next several months we will be introducing new dolls each month, along with some adorable outfits for your favorite dolls. This months selection is (clockwise, from top left): David, Elsie, Ricky & Olivia.

Don't you just love them?!

Which one is your favorite?

Things We ♥ // Kiddo's Valentines Gifts

One of my favorite things to do when I take a break from shop stuff is browse all the goodies linked up to Daft Crafts. It may be bad for my wishlist (which is getting a bit out of control) & my bank account, but I just can't stop. A lot of times when I try & choose my favorites from all the handcrafted goodies I find myself coming up with a theme for my favorites. This week was no exception.

We may not have little kiddos running around our houses, but it should be no surprise that we like to make sure they are taken care of with a lot of goodies. So this week the theme I came up with for my favorites is: Kiddo's Valentines Gifts.

Glizby from Lu & Ed
Koala Bear Hat from Hats & What Knots
Greta the Squirrel from Squshies
Look at those & tell me you wouldn't want them if you were a kiddo. I dare you! Heck, neither of us are kiddos anymore (although I know I will always be my momma's baby) and I would still love those for Valentine's Day.